Smart traveling

I had the opportunity to take a long weekend trip with my mom and sister a couple of weeks ago and used the opportunity to really narrow down my fashion choices for easier packing. Although my sister and I both give my mom a hard time about always checking her bag, really, all three of us havethe need to utilize the free bag on Southwest!

Comfort traveling

In an attempt to ensure I could carry-on instead of checking, I had to make a few wise choices while packing. I’d like to share a few of my tipsand tricks to packing and making sure you’re not overpacking. Although I still have my over-packing moments, I try and do a few of these each time I get away.

One: have an idea of what the itenerary will be for the trip. Will it be a casual weekend, dinner out, or will you be active on your vacation? While you may not have an exact idea, try to have at least a few options ready.

Leggings and tennis shoes for running around the city

Two: Try on everything. As tedious as it might sound, you may have an outfit put together in your mind and then, well, yikes, not so great on yourself. After trying on this sweater with several scarves, the picture I had in my mind was a way different outcome after it was on my body. Moral of the story: try it on!

Laying everything out to try on

Three: Narrow down shoe choices. I ended up bringing more shoes than I needed, like always, but see if you can wear your shoes for more than one outfit.

I wore this coat all weekend and these shoes at least twice

Four: Get packing squares. This tip actually comes from my travel-crazy sister. She’s a pro at packing and informed me about these handy squares. They are great for rolling your leggings or camisoles, or other items that can fit in any size of the four squares.

Another option would be the Ziploc Space bags. It’s a great option if you don’t want to buy the squares and I found them at the Container Store, one of my very happy places.

Five: Finally five. A big purse or tote. I like to cram all of my plane necessities in my big tote I carry on. I throw in my glasses, my baggie of liquids, my jewelry case, snacks, and of course reading material. Here are some of my favorites, and I especially love a bag that has a cross body strap.

A good tote for a plane or car ride

I hope your next trip will be a little easier with a few of these tips! And hopefully, if you do forget something, there is good shopping nearby to pick up whatever you forgot.

Don’t forget to take in the view

Happy traveling,


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