Back to the grind

It’s a new year and a great time to start all of your New Year’s resolutions, right? I usually make one or two and to be honest, they generally fall by the wayside come March. But this time instead of resolutions, I’m making goals.

One of the goals: blog more! I’m determined to help you through this blog and my Instagram to find good deals, but also help you find your own style.

Another goal I have: keep a consistent workout routine. I’ve usually done pretty well with workouts, going to a local fitness studio five to six days a week, but when it’s cold, it’s so much easier to stay in bed. So this year, I’m hoping to keep it consistent and not let the weather determine my class attendance.

One way to keep that consistency? New workout clothes. Yep, there’s just something about a cute pants, new running shoes, and new leggings to make you want to sweat a little more, and look good while doing it. My fitness instructor this morning said, you don’t need a new you, you need a better you, and how about better looking clothes to kick it off.

There’s no need to break the bank to give yourself a little motivation. Check out some of these leggings from Gap and Old Navy. I have a friend who loves them and she is an avid runner.

Don’t break the bank on leggings

If you’re ready to invest a little more in pants, check out Zella or some of my favorites from Lululemon. Pricey? A bit, but I wear my workout pants so often it’s worth the price. Especially if they are high-waisted, a mama’s dream!

Invest in your leggings and health

While you’re off to grab some leggings, pick up a shirt or two. My new favorites to work out in are the muscle style t’s. I love that they aren’t tight across your stomach and can show off a fun sports bra.

Bright tanks, muscle tanks

Finally, shoes. I’m particular about my running shoes (ahem, horrible feet) and it’s hard to find some comfortable ones that are also stylish. But this is another area where I think it’s worth an investment, especially if you have feet problems or run a lot. However, you can totally find some good deals on cross training shoes. Check out some of the ones below that I need in my closet!


Invest in your feet
Slip on some of these for an athletic look

And if you’re not stepping into this gym yet, why not look good while doing it? Check out some of my favorite athleisure pics below.

Cover up with some great deals
Cute joggers to throw on post-workout

Now that you’re outfitted in your new gear, go out and crush your goals! Cheesy? Yeah, okay, sorry! I’ll leave the coach talking to some actual coaches!

Happy shopping!

xo, Caitlin


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Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a wife and mom to two toddler boys. I have a love of fashion, lipstick, and helping others look and feel their best. I'd love to help you find clothes that work within your closet and budget. Stick with me as I share my favorites, everything from leggings to lipstick!

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