A fresh closet

There is nothing better than having  a clean house, well, maybe fresh eyebrows, but a clean house is pretty great. Along with a clean house is a clean closet. Getting dressed can feel so much better when your closet is easily manageable and organized.

I had the opportunity to give my sister a fresh start for the year by giving her a closet clean out. She knew she had clothes in there that she hadn’t worn, or had held onto, but couldn’t let go. That is where I came in – I was the extra push she needed to purge. But I also knew she probably didn’t need to go shopping for a entire new wardrobe.

Quick run through of what she already had

We started with her shirts and jackets. Some of them were either a little worn or out of style, those were donated. Others she wore once, but struggled to find something else to pair with a certain top or pants

She struggled with this top, but found two pant options
We were able to find a dressier pant for work or conferences

As we went through each piece, we determined what she could easily put together for every day life, what would work for business and travel, and what she needed to add to her closet.

Some of the clothes we mixed and matched

Her adds? A long sleeve white shirt and a pair of nude wedges. Two staples that I think everyone should have in their closet. Here are some that you may need in your closet too:

White shirts don’t have to be basic
A nude wedge is perfect to wear with anything

Overall wasn’t too scary, but she came away with eleven outfits and we even got her options for her upcoming work trip done.

Some of her outfits we pout together

While she was afraid that I would hate everything in her closet, I didn’t! I knew her style versus mine, what she would actually wear versus what would just stay in her drawers. This is the key to cleaning out your closet. Just because it is trendy or in-fashion at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to add it to your wardrobe. Stick with your style, maybe you can go out of the box through accessories, but don’t go too trendy you’re stuck with shopping for an entire new closet next year.

Courtney Closet Before
My sister’s closet before – stuffed
Her closet after – more room & backwards hanger

If you are struggling with your closet, and live in the Kansas City area, I’d love to help you get a fresh start for the year. Send me a message via caitlinginestra@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram, @lipstickandleggingsblog.


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Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a wife and mom to two toddler boys. I have a love of fashion, lipstick, and helping others look and feel their best. I'd love to help you find clothes that work within your closet and budget. Stick with me as I share my favorites, everything from leggings to lipstick!

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