Finding your staples

If you’re anything like me, I tend to stick to the basics when getting dressed during the week. A t-shirt, jeans or leggings, a sweatshirt or jacket. Those are my weekly staples – especially when I’m home with my crazies. So I rounded up some of my favorite staples here.

First up jeans! As much as I hate trying on jeans (who doesn’t), it’s best to try them on. I tend to order them and do try-ons at home. Sometimes store mirrors can be deceiving, but also, I try on jeans with a variety of my own shoes. And I doubt it would look normal to bring a bag full of shoes with you while doing a try on session.

I rounded up some jeans that are $50 and under. Some of my favorite go to brands are KUT from the Kloth and Articles of Society. They both have a tend to stretch, so size down, but I like how they feel comfortable and not like they are going to cut off circulation or make my muffin top even more noticeable.

Find your fit for under $50
Find some non-distressed jeans for the office or a classic look

I’ve also been leaning toward more distressed jeans, but don’t feel like you have to conform to that trend. If you like a clean and classic jean look, I’ve included some of those as well. And there are some that have just minor distressing, not huge holes that look like your brother’s jeans after a serious wrestling match. Anyone else have brothers who destroyed jeans? My poor mom.

If you want to invest a little more – shop here

To pair with jeans, I like a classic long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. I’m a big fan of a classic looking shirt, but love to mix it up with stripes or a faux knot. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on your basics – I have worn a Target tee for a few years in a row and it’s held up great. I always like to wear a cami under my t-shirts, especially white ones, but that’s personal preference.

You can mix up your basic tee’s – shop here

Lastly on my staple are jackets or vests. I’m always cold, even in the summer I tend to be cold, so I always have a jacket with me to warm up, or really to complete my outfit. I think a general staple is a jean jacket. I actually have two in my closet at the moment. One that is a cropped version and the other is a little bigger and can be layered easily.

Below are some of the ones I like or have hopes to add to my closet. A military jacket, a bomber, and a leather jacket are great transition jackets to have from winter to spring. Invest in a decent leather or rather faux leather jacket, and it will last you for years.

From bombers to jean jackets – shop here

When you look for your basics, look for something you feel comfortable in, that you’ll wear for longer than one season, and that fits.

Happy shopping!



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Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a wife and mom to two toddler boys. I have a love of fashion, lipstick, and helping others look and feel their best. I'd love to help you find clothes that work within your closet and budget. Stick with me as I share my favorites, everything from leggings to lipstick!

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