Starting Fresh

It’s easy to buy and add clothes and shoes to your closet when you think you don’t have much to work with as you get dressed. But before you head out to shop, take inventory of what you already have. I have a few tips to help you decide what to purge and what to save.

One: start by section 

When I’m going through my closet, I start by sections. Shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless), head to sweaters, pants, etc. It’s easier to see what you have by group rather than bringing it all out at once. Plus, if you’re like me, halfway through you may need a break that turns from minutes to hours – eek! 

Tip two: take inventory 

This also help you take inventory of what to have. Do you have four white shirts? Six pairs of the same jeans? Why? Go through them and decide which fits the best, which aren’t stained or stretched out, etc. And don’t hold onto it because it was on sale but washes weird.

Which leads me to my third tip: try it all on.

Yep, you read that correctly. To really figure out what you need to purge, try it all on. Make sure it fits, that you like the way you look it in, and that it’s not too worn out. 

Bodies change, especially after babies or weight loss or weight gain. Unless you are two or three pounds away from fitting into something, don’t hold on to it. It’s not worth it to take up space in your closet if you won’t wear that item. 

I used to hold onto pants, especially jeans, to see if I could fit into them. I know some people can say it’s motivation, for me, it was just a constant reminder that they didn’t fit. So instead of holding onto them, I donated them; why not share these with someone else who could wear them and I can find another fit that I actually feel comfortable wearing.

And finally, tip four, flip your hangers. 

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

You’ve probably heard or read this somewhere when it comes to organizing tips. But it’s so true! At the end of every season or every six months, take inventory of what hangers you haven’t flipped the right way. Do you see a pattern of what you actually wear versus what you are just holding onto? 

Take all of those garments you haven’t touched and donate or sell them. Get them out of your closet – you haven’t touched them, so why let them take up space? 

After you’ve finished, congratulate yourself. It’s not always easy to get rid of certain items. And if you’re still having trouble, I’d love to help you! 

Sometimes it’s easier to have a third party give you that extra push without any bias. Contact me via email at Don’t let your closet hold you back!

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Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a wife and mom to two toddler boys. I have a love of fashion, lipstick, and helping others look and feel their best. I'd love to help you find clothes that work within your closet and budget. Stick with me as I share my favorites, everything from leggings to lipstick!

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