Nordstrom round up: what I bought

Wow. If you were part of the early access Nordstrom sale yesterday, you may be in need of an extra cup of coffee today! I actually woke up randomly at 5:30 am yesterday, so I started scrolling through the site and was able to make one purchase without any problems.

But after kiddos woke up, I had some troubles snagging a couple other items due to the amount of people on their site. This also happened last year, and just like then, Nordstrom’s customer service made up for the hassle.

Hopefully if you were shopping yesterday, you snagged the items you wanted. And if not, not to worry, they try and restock of lot of pieces and hopefully you’ll have a chance to grab what you want for the fall soon.

I thought I’d do a quick round up of what I got and what you may have your eye on. I also have another post coming with my wish list items – although I would have loved to purchase everything, my husband tells me that we actually do have a budget to stick too. Bummer. But hopefully these items will still be around later when I have another purchasing budget!


So here we go! My biggest splurge were two items: a winter coat and a pair of tall boots. I love my heavy North Face coat that I’ve had for at least three years, but I was also looking for a shorter and lighter one, to wear when it’s (hopefully) not too cold outside. I love the olive green color and it gets me out of my black coat box.

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My other big splurge were these boots. I wasn’t going to grab them at first, but they are a classic style and will be great for over jeans, with dresses and skirts, and can be worn for a few years. Plus I love the stacked heel; stacked heels give a little more stability than stiletto styles.

Shop this boot


I loved the look of this utility jacket in camo. While I already had a green utility jacket, this camp can also be mixed with other prints and layered.

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Although I already have a leather jacket, this Moto one caught my eye. I like the idea of pairing it over a sweet flow dress or dressed down with jeans and sneakers.

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Cardigans & Sweaters

Well number one of my grabs would have to be the infamous Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Although I already have two, I have a feeling I’ll be switching them up all winter. And actually, I’m currently wearing my one from last year as I type this up. They are that good. I also picked up this pink cardigan, again, out of my normal neutral categories, but I’m okay with pushing myself for my fall wardrobe.

Shop these cardigans

Casual sweaters were hard to choose from, but I kept mine simple this year. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing the ones below and add on a blanket scarf when it gets really chilly.

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The last ‘sweater’ I added to my cart was the Wubby Fleece Pullover. This year it also came in a full zip with a hood, however I was good with grabbing the pullover. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the coziness of this sweater, so I’m pretty excited to try it on.

Shop these jackets

Tees & Tops

Although there were some great basic tees on sale, I realized I have a few of the same ones already in my closet. So I decided to forgo adding those to my cart (although they’re all on my wish list) and just grabbed a couple that I didn’t have yet. Including this classic button down and this Free People January tee. I already have a couple of the Free People tops and had to add a third color to my collection.

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Leggings, of course

I couldn’t pass up the chance to snag a few leggings while they were on sale. My favorite every day leggings, the Zella high-waisted leggings, were on sale, and you never miss a moment to grab another pair. I also had to get the new Spanx camo leggings – I love their original faux leather leggings (included), so the camo style were a no brainer. The other pair of leggings in my cart were out of my comfort zone, but I thought they were so cute for fall.

Shop these leggings

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I was ready to spend most of my budget on shoes and cardigans, but didn’t have a ton of shoes that caught my eye. Well, that caught my eye within my budget. I do have a few more that are on my wish list, but that’s another post coming! So what did I grab? Besides my splurge on the tall boots, I also picked up a pair of tan booties. I looked through my shoe collection now and realized I didn’t have a pair like them in that style and color. I also like the slide slit to give me a little more length in my legs since I am on the shorter side. I also like the slightly pointed toe. It’s not too drastic but on trend for the fall season.

Shop this bootie

I’m also a fan of winter boots. Last year my husband got me a cute pair of Sorel wedge booties, but I also wanted a snow shoe that I could wear while taking the kiddos to school or running errands when its slushy outside. While I’m a sucker for anything gray, I actually went with the black pair, I know, another shocker. But I’m hoping that since the boots are super tall, they will make my legs appear longer.

Shop these shoes

My last shoe purchases were the wedge sneaker. I had been wanting these last year but never pulled the trigger. This was the time to snatch them up and I loved the other color options too. I’m hoping that they are winners when they come in.

My random shoe purchase? This driving moccasin – yep, not a typical shoe purchase for me, but I love the color of the flats and I think will be a great alternative to a bootie or a nice flat. While they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think they would also be great for a casual Friday at the office or running errands without having to throw on tennis shoes.

Shop these shoes

Have you made it through with me? If you’ve hung on throughout this whole post, thank you! I know there are a lot of great bloggers who have shared their favorites, and I encourage you check some of them out too. Especially if you are looking for work options or just a few different takes on the Nordstrom sale.

Hopefully you’ve already been able to snag a few items from the sale, and if not, don’t be discouraged, there is still plenty of time left and some great pieces available.

Happy shopping!



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