New beauty routine

I’ve honestly never had an exact beauty routine. I generally wash my face and add lotion – and hopefully I am not too lazy at night to skip washing my face, but it does happen. Lately however, I’ve been wanting to take better care of my skin and make it a little bit safer, not only for me, but for this babe in my belly.

Luckily, I’ve never had really problematic skin. Other than the occasional hormonal acne (thank you pregnancy and PMS!), my skin runs on the normal side. A few months ago, I was approached by a consultant  from BeautyCounter. Have you heard of this company? I’m sure most of you have – they started as a small skin company and have really grown into something remarkable.

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Anyway, Ashley reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying some of their safer skin products and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was about out of the products I was currently using and had been researching some BeautyCounter products. I was excited to jump at the chance to try some of their latest line and see what worked for my skin.

I had tried a few of their products years ago and while I wasn’t overly impressed with them at that time, I can honestly tell you they have done nothing but improve their products. After talking with Ashley, even she agreed that even their makeup products have gotten better over the years, but still keeping their mission of safe and clean in mind.

So what did I try? First I wanted a daily lotion and eye cream, along with a nighttime cream that wasn’t super greasy. Their Countermatch products fit not only my needs of not being greasy, but making my skin feel moisturized. So I began with my basics: moisturizers, eye cream, and tint foundation.

I didn’t want a super heavy daily moisturizer, especially when layering it under my makeup. For me, I don’t like the feeling of caked on make up – give me something natural and quick! This lotion was perfect – it’s lightweight enough it doesn’t feel like it’s slathered on, but rich enough to make my skin feel soft.

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Next up: an eye cream. Of course there are tons of eye creams out on the market, and I’ve always been a little skeptical of eye creams that have a lot of claims. But this eye rescue cream said it would restore elasticity and help reduce the appearance of shadows. Overall I think it has helped, and applied twice a day (morning and night), it’s lightweight like the lotion and a little goes a long way.

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For nighttime I grabbed their recovery sleeping cream. My previous night cream felt a little thick and I could still feel it in the morning when I got up, which I didn’t love. This cream feels great while going on, and I can honestly feel like my skin is softer.

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I started out with just those three products, but I wanted to also include a face oil. I’ve heard great things about them and thought at my age, it would do nothing but benefit my skin. Especially as the winter months are coming and my skin will get a little drier. I picked up the No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil and have been using it twice a day under both of the lotions. It feels a little funny when you first start using it, but now I can’t skip it at all!

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It was even great to use on my dry nose after a recent cold. It gave me moisture without feeling greasy. And honestly, I do fee like my skin is a little plumper – and not just because I have been eating donuts! There are two other kinds of oils to try as well, so you can find one that works for you.

Just as lotions and oils are important for you face, I also wanted a safer but effective cleanser. I grabbed their Pure Calm Cleansing Milk. While it took a while to get used to the cleanser, it’s not foamy and pretty thin, it didn’t dry my face out the way other cleansers have done. And it doesn’t stain my towels, which some cleaners have done (RIP gray towels).

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My last product I picked up? Their Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. I’m not a huge foundation person – I want to still look like myself when I’m wearing makeup. I also really wanted something that had SPF in it – and this definitely met that requirement.

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Whew, I got a little wordy today! However as I get older the more I want to take great care of my skin – something I wish I would have done better in high school and college. But now I have an opportunity to take care of the skin I have in a safe and clean manner.

While everyone has different needs for their skin, I do think it’s important for you to find something that suits your needs and fits your own requirements.

I have my eye on a few other of their products to add to my arsenal and will keep you updated on them! Feel free to ask my any questions, I’d love to answer, even though I am not an expert, I’ll be happy to share my experiences!

Happy shopping!



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