Maternity Favorites

I feel like I’ve had some favorite maternity items with each pregnancy, and this one is no exception. And of course with every pregnancy there is always something new to have or use. But I wanted to share some of my go-to’s with you, both clothing and just everyday life.

First up: a new maternity body pillow. If this isn’t on your list, get one ASAP! For me, it’s a lifesaver and the new one I got with this babe literally makes me excited to go to bed at night. For my first two babes I used a Snoogle. It was a good size for our queen size bed (at the time) and I felt pretty comfortable laying with it. I tried a new to me pillow with this baby and it was a no go. It didn’t feel comfortable on any part of my body – so I spent a little more money and snagged the Leachco Back N’ Belly body pillow. Um, amazing. Where has this been all of my life?

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I may even try and keep sneaking this bad boy into our bed post baby. It’s a great support if you toss and turn and even when you just have a chance to relax.

Next up: Leggings of course! I am still able to wear most of my leggings, but there are three that I am catching myself rotate on a regular basis. Two are from Lululemon, and can be worn even post baby without feeling like you’re still wearing maternity. Another Zella pair is made specifically for maternity and I have plenty of room to still grow in my final trimester.

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One pair that I wish I would have found earlier is the Spanx faux leather maternity leggings. While my regular pair still fit, there is just something bout that belly band that makes you more comfortable – and that comfort is worth it during the months of pregnancy. But these are a great addition to your maturity wardrobe to dress up or even dress down.

For every day wear, you can never go wrong with basic tanks and tees. They are great to layer or wear alone, and honestly, you’ll probably want to wear them post baby. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items either – although you may want to grab a couple in each basic color, just in case spillage happens.

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As we head into the winter months, cardigans and jackets are great to wear over dresses, with your leggings, and with jeans. They are also pieces that can be worn to work without having to buy and entire work wardrobe. In addition, great for nursing later – you don’t have to remove 12 layers to nurse your babe, and they can be flattering as your body changes (again!).

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In previous pregnancies, I bought multiple pairs of jeans. At first I didn’t like the full belly band, so I opted for the lower one, but didn’t spend the money on expensive jeans. What I needed up with was jeans that didn’t fit great or were too long, or that looked worn out after a few wears. This time around I purchased two pairs: a black wash and lighter wash. (I still have some older pairs that I may utilize still) Of course, I’m not working this pregnancy, and it’s not my first one, so I wanted to save a little money and space for this item.

Shop these jeans

My advice for jeans: try them on. Just like your non-maternity pairs. I always like to buy multiple sizes or washes and try them on, returning the pairs I don’t like or need.

Dresses can bit a little tricky. Yes, you can probably get away with buying non-maternity dresses in a larger size, but they may not fit correctly. If you don’t need or want a ton, I’d say buy your basic maternity dresses that you can change up with jackets, accessories, and shoes. However, if you wear dresses for work or don’t want to size up, maternity dresses have gotten so much cuter than even a few years ago. Plus, there are lots of sites to choose from. There are a couple non-maternity options that I think are worth it, but I have a few favorite maternity options below.

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Lastly – my other favorite items are a support tank, support shorts, and maternity tights. Although I wish I would have sized down in the tank, I think it would be great even post baby to hold you in without squeezing too much. The support shorts are great under dresses. Not only do they smooth you out, but they hold you in a little bit – which helps if you are on your feet at all. I actually loved wearing maternity tights during the colder months – especially as I got bigger. Although somewhat of a hassle when going to the bathroom every 10 minutes, I loved the feeling they gave me of being held in.

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So there are my favorites so far this pregnancy. Hopefully you’ll find a few that work for you as well!

Happy shopping!


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Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a wife and mom to two toddler boys. I have a love of fashion, lipstick, and helping others look and feel their best. I'd love to help you find clothes that work within your closet and budget. Stick with me as I share my favorites, everything from leggings to lipstick!

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